UG scheme & syllabus 2010-11 VTU Syllabus

1/2 Sem (common to all branch)


Sl. No. Programmes SCHEME

III to VIII sem

Civil Board
1 Civil engineering scheme syllabus
2 Construction Technology & Manag scheme syllabus
3 Environmental Engineering scheme syllabus
4 Ceramics & Cement Technology scheme syllabus
Mechanical Board
5 Aeronautical Engineering scheme & syllabus
6 Mechanical Engineering scheme syllabus
7 Mining Engineering scheme syllabus
8 Mechatronics (2009-10) scheme syllabus
9 Printing Technology scheme syllabus
10 Tool Engineering scheme syllabus
11 Precesion Manufacturing scheme syllabus
EEE Board
12 Electrical & Electronics Engineering scheme syllabus
E & C Board
13 Electronics & Communication Engineering scheme syllabus
14 Telecommunication Engineering scheme syllabus
15 Computer Science & Engineering scheme syllabus
16 Information Science & Engineering scheme syllabus
17 Industrial & Production Engineering scheme syllabus
18 Industrial Engineering & Management scheme syllabus
19 Manufacturing Science & Engineering scheme syllabus
IT/BM/ML Board
20 Biomedical Engineering scheme syllabus
21 Instrumentation Technology scheme syllabus
22 Medical Electronics scheme syllabus
Biotechnology Board
23 Biotechnology scheme syllabus
Chemical / Polymer Board
24 Chemical Engineering scheme syllabus
25 Polymer Science & Engineering scheme syllabus
Silk / Textile Board
26 Silk Technology scheme syllabus
27 Textile Technology scheme syllabus
28 Fashion Technology scheme syllabus
Automobile Board
29 Automobile Engineering scheme syllabus
Architecture Board
30 Architecture scheme syllabus



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  1. Sir I want to Know what is the Schemes & Syllabus of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.
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  2. Ankitha Rangaraju

    Hi, Could you please also upload the 2006 scheme of syllabus for information science & engineering.

  3. hi pls send 2006 scheme 6th sem chemical engg syllabus copy to dis mail id harsha.ctea@gmail.com

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    can I please know the the recent syllabus for information science engineering and please suggest the name of the author
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    Sir please send 2010 scheme 3rd semester chemical engineering syllabus to this emai id prashantranjan690@gmail.com

  6. Hi, can you please post (or send me) the 1st and 2nd Semester syllabus for 2006 scheme?

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    hi sir pls send me the recent syllabus for BE in construction technology and management and pls suggest me books and authors, to my mail navi.khg@gmail.com

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    sir please send syllabus and scheme of E&E engg. for 3rd semester.

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    sir please send syllabus and scheme of E&E engg. for 2014 3rd semester

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    sir please send syllabus and scheme of E&E engg. for 2014 3rd semester to this email id:shivakumarbestharahalli@gmail.com

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  15. pls send vtu syllabus copy of 2006 computer science @ vicky.gamb@gmail.com

  16. Is all this syllabus from 2010? Hasn’t the syllabus updated since then? I wanted latest scheme and syllabus for all branches for all the years.

  17. Sir please send the scheme and syllabus of electronics and instrumentation engineering of 2nd sem

  18. Hello everyone,
    Can anyone send me the VTU 2002 scheme first year engineering syllabus. I did my biotechnology engineering 2004-2008.Thank you in advance.

  19. Hello everyone,
    Can anyone send me the VTU 2002 scheme first year engineering syllabus at bijayauprety@gmail.com. I did my biotechnology engineering from 2004 to 2008.Thank you in advance.

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